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Sludge Dewatering Units
Sludge Dewatering Units

We can offer different alternatives sludge dewatering equipment as filter presses, belt presses and bag filters to meet their needs. In addition, we manufacturing chemical conditioning units in order to provide better dewatering, which are increasing the work efficiency of the dewatering system.

Belt Filters, provide continuous sludge to get dewatering due to moving single and double filters. The most important advantages of this system is working continuously, higher cake / solids ratio and is lower energy costs. Belt filters are widely used in domestic and industrial wastewater sludge dewatering.

Filter presses are allow the sludge dewatering, vertical plate frames in the back of the filter cloth into the high pressure. Filter sludge cakes have been accumulated between plates, plates are removed mechanically opening. Sludge filled fitler pres, must be kept 1-4 hours of design pressure. After this period solid matter can be reached 40% in sludge cake.

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